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Because you never get a 2nd chance to make a 1st impression

The ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ LinkedIn Personal Profile Optimisation
'Done with You' Service from Sarah Hughes

    Benefit from a powerful presence for your LinkedIn personal and corporate brand

    • Enjoy a profile that reflects your skills, experience, personality and communicates the value you deliver
    • ​Increase your network of prospects, referrers and stakeholders
    • ​List higher in search results and be found by those seeking what you offer
    • ​​​Rocket the conversion of connection requests and enquiries
    • ​Enjoy a faster pipeline of potential customers, if business development is an objective for you.

    “My connections increased by 50% in just weeks, and my new profile started generating leads.

    One new connection agreed to meet me because he was impressed with how my profile was put together!”

    Tim Jones, Board Member, RICS

    This bespoke service is personally delivered by the award-winning B2B Marketer & LinkedIn Expert, Sarah Hughes. Check out Sarah's 130 recommendations on LinkedIn

    Sarah has the experience, skill, knowledge to turn your profile into a powerful marketing tool that convinces AND converts.

    Get ready to feel happy and relaxed to direct people that matter to your profile.
    Instantly book your discovery call with Sarah  
    Why invest in Sarah's profile optimisation service?
    With 800+ million members spanning 200+ countries, LinkedIn is the number 1 professional social platform
    • ​A major career and recruitment player, LinkedIn also offers unrivalled marketing and sales opportunities
    • Only 50.5% have a 100% completed LinkedIn profile, so it's easy to shine when you know-how (source: the Digital FA)

    "Given that many are in competition with other companies and/or individuals, whether in your career or business, how does your profile compare?"

    “Anyone serious about B2B lead generation will miss big opportunities without Sarah’s Profile Optimisation service.

    Since the 'makeover', my target audience is clear on how I can help them and is reaching out to me like never before.

    I used Sarah’s service and I recommend you do too."

    Melony Spencer, Director, Spencer Swinden Design

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    Who is the service for?
    The service is also ideal if...
    Senior executives, business owners, directors or freelancers determined to optimise their profile only with the support of a highly experienced strategic professional and are willing to invest time and money... 

    ... to do so and who seek to achieve any of these objectives:
    • Position yourself as a person of influence in your industry and sector
    • ​Attract prospects and referrers you'd love to be working with
    • ​Reassure customers through the quality of your profile
    • ​Attract star candidates with a profile that reflects your employer branding
    • ​Facilitate your next serious career move.
    • ​​You see the value in LinkedIn and want your profile to be a benchmark for those in your organisation and/or industry
    • ​You have roles at different organisations and want to understand how your profile can reflect these without being confusing or cluttered
    • ​You've just moved into your new role and want to showcase yourself appropriately
    • ​You realise you need help with how you position yourself and/or your organisation
    • ​You'd love strategic insight on how to appeal to your target market without being cheesy or salesy
    • ​You wisely value your time and aren't willing to burn hours and hours downloading out of date PDF guides or watching crass youtube tutorials. 
    Did you know an all-star profile means you're 40x more likely to be contacted on LinkedIn?
    How Sarah's service works 
    What Sarah's service delivers
    100% bespoke & confidential, the service mainly comprises 1:1 sessions held via zoom, where Sarah seeks to understand you, your objectives, industry and market and shows you exactly what to do. Sarah even makes improvements to your profile with you within the zoom.

    A total allocation of 3 hours is available for the zooms, which can be split over several sessions and can also be recorded if you wish.

    Being an experienced strategist, one of the ways Sarah adds most value is her consultancy on e.g.:

    • Defining your offer and competitive advantage
    • ​Understanding your tone of voice and how to convey this
    • P​rioritising your audiences, especially if you hold multiple roles
    • ​Crafting your headline
    • ​Creating compelling copy by using powerful words that persuade
    If more time is needed than the 3 hours together, you can agree additional time with Sarah in advance for an agreed investment.

    You're in full control of the process and nothing happens to your LinkedIn account without your permission. 

    Sarah also provides a detailed step-by-step PDF on profile optimisation and a 'superboost your recommendations' guide.

    One of the first areas Sarah reviews is your privacy and visibility settings, as many members don't realise their profile is only visible to connections!

    Sarah also assesses, prioritises and advises you on the following:
    • Banner graphic so your profile creates maximum visual impact
    • ​Headline so you stand out for your primary objective
    • Profile picture so you're recognisable, approachable, professional
    • Video cover story so you leverage the power of video marketing
    • ​Summary, experience, roles to tell the story of your career or business
    • Services offered - helps you to be found
    • ​​Featured content, as it's always better to show rather than tell
    • Calls to action: how to promote lead generation pages & other CTAs without appearing pushy
    • ​Skills, endorsements, recommendations, reviews
    • ​Education, qualifications, associations - essential to represent your achievements and to secure an all-star profile listing
    • ​Keyword loading your profile so you're more likely to be found on and off LinkedIn, while keeping your profile attractive and compelling
    • ​Mobile-responsive - optimising for performing best on mobile devices
    • ​1 QR code that can communicate ALL of your website urls, landing pages and social accounts in one easy place
    •  Social Selling Index (SSI) Score - discover yours (everyone has one)
    Did you know that 57% of every buying decision is made before any sales rep involvement, which includes viewing your LinkedIn profile (source: Corporate Executive Board)?
    About your Expert, Sarah Hughes
    Regarded as the "LinkedIn Marketing Expert," Sarah uniquely blends marketing, psychology and copywriting with an intimate knowledge of LinkedIn.

    She has been helping businesses and individuals leverage LinkedIn since 2009, including: SUEZ, The Design Trust, WeWork, Urban Splash, Rexel, FounderCatalyst, ClearCycle, The Institute of Sales Management.

    Numerous professionals, freelancers, entrepreneurs, and in fact anyone who wants to make the most of LinkedIn, choose Sarah to help them.

    Check out Sarah's profile and 130 recommendations on LinkedIn.

    A qualified marketer, Sarah is the founder of Boost Business Growth, setting up her first marketing company in 2002. 

    When not working, she loves being in the great outdoors and drinking Earl Grey tea. She splits her time between Devon and the Midlands.
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