5 Reasons Why Your
'Surefire' Proposal Bombed
(And 3 Ways To Ensure They Hit Target In Future)
The Must-Read If You’ve Ever
NOT Won Work You Thought A Cert!
Ever had a great meeting where you were 100% confident the prospect was going to buy...

... only to not even receive confirmation of your proposal?

In this Free Guide (worth £19.97), I reveal how you too can achieve an 89% conversion rate when you discover:
  • 10%, 40% or 80%? How much of the credentials meeting should be information-gathering? 
  • The 7 elements you MUST include to succeed 
  • B.A.F.Q. as a route to understand prospects' needs 
  • Why 'Proposal' is a @*!?#% Word to avoid! 
  • How asking for a "No" is strangely a great way to secure a "Yes" 
  • Why emailing your plan without presenting in person often guarantees failure (& how you can avoid this).
Sarah Hughes
“The No.1 Business Growth Expert" 

Mistake #3 cost one business owner I knew a whopping £483,382…. don’t let this be you!
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